Samin Rahman

Welcome! I am Samin Rahman

I see the world in different lenses – currently, I have the eyes of a debater, a content creator and a technophile.

What lenses do you have?

Clients who me

Samin is a student at

Content Creation

is my jam

University Admissions, Career guidance and a touch of vlogging- I love to help my massive following in every way possible.

I Like


Not sure if you can tell, but I like speaking a lot.

After spending 6 years of (somewhat) successful debating career, I have channeled my need for articulating back to YouTubing and case competitions.

Samin Rahman Debating on Thailand

I set for myself

Impossible Dreams

From searching for my Amy Santiago, travelling and fitness goals to life skills, my impossible list provides a deeper insight into my life.

I am fascinated by


Thanks to my amazing professors at UTD & Guy Raz’s podcast How I Built This, I am intrigued by startups and businesses.

If you ever have a million dollar idea in your garage and need a co-founder, you know how to reach me.