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Hello, Bestie

A birdie told me that you want to study abroad. Let’s gooooooooo

How we can

Help You

You’re Messi when he was young. Our job is to mentor you and get you noticed by the top teams (read: universities). 


$ 650
  • Full Application
  • Scholarship/Financial Application
  • Visa Process
  • College Choosing
  • Live Classes
  • Essay Review
  • Community Access
  • Unlimited Questions Answered
  • Hangout Sometimes?
  • Not your typical agency
  • Not Boring, Only Fun ✅

What is the

Magic Sauce?

Courage. Determination. Charm. Knowledge.

We can’t help you with determination, but can help you learn, grow your confidence, and charm admission officers 😉

You're Directly helping the

New Internet

Proceeds of this venture will go towards building One – the everything app. 

So you’re not only creating a better life for yourself, but you’re also literally creating a better internet.