Finance Matters

Going to Western countries means you’ll probably switch digital.

And also receive dollars for free.

Student File Accounts banks
Bank Accounts

If you do not have a bank account, you’re probably…doomed.

Credit Card
Credit Cards

Want free money? Get a credit card.

It’ll never cost you even a penny. Promise.

Boarding your Flight

Some of you have never left the city before, let alone the country or an entire continent.

That’s okay, you have me.

Plane in the Sky
Plane Ticket
Purchasing your Ticket

How do you buy your ticket?

Which airlines is the best? What are agencies?

How do you save money?

Luggage Regulations
Luggage Regulations

How many luggage can you take? Maximum weight?

Wait, can you carry a pistol?

10 Tips about Travelling
10 Tips about Travelling

From restrooms to earphones- I talk about 10 things that will make your travel a beautiful heaven.

Or a literal hell.

Japan for Undergrad

Anime, Food, Forests and Culture- experience Japan, at a very affordable rate.
Yes, English Courses are available.

Japan Undergraduate Admission
US Admission
Japan Admission

Looking to Apply? Start here to know about how to apply, choosing universities, and getting scholarships

US Visa
Japanese Visa

Application done? Woohoo!
Now it’s time to worry about visa and its intricacies.

Hint: It’s Easy.

Work, PR, States
Work, PR, Location

Japan allows part-time work, but what about PR and full-time jobs? Does location matter?