Website Designing

In this era of technology, there is no substitute to a great website to represent your portfolio or business. A website acts a great professional resume, or a gorgeous representation of your start-up.

Best part is this: you can make small edits on your own website yourself, after I finish building it. You will need to have zero coding experience.

Digital Content Editing and Marketing

Your business needs engaging, gorgeous content along with its promotion- I understand. 

Services related Graphics Designing, Video Editing and Digital Marketing is essential to any company- it helps businesses connect with their audience and retain a following.

I Have Bad News for you

I have bad news for you

As an international student in the US, my visa restrictions do not allow me anymore to do any types of jobs off campus, except for internships and full time jobs acknowleding CPT and OPT regulations. 

Unfortunately, no more services. If you are interested in hiring me for an internship though, you know where to click.