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I thought I hated writing.
But here I am. Hi.

University Admissions

You most probably know me for admissions abroad. It’s okay. Click on the link and I’ll guide you until you graduate university.

Maybe beyond that too.

University Admission in US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong

Study Tips

Nobody in history liked to study, and that’s okay. Here’s how to ace exams anyway

Student Studying SAT

Book & Movie Reviews

I watch a lot of movies. Some I passionately hate (Hi Friends), some I drool over for decades (Hi Breaking Bad).

Books, on the other hand, literally change the way I live. Here’s to hoping it’ll change yours too.

Movie and Book Review

Life Abroad

Purchasing Tickets, opening bank accounts, applying for a credit card…

Life is complicated. I’ll be your helping hand.

Life Abroad

Perils as a Bangladeshi

If you’re a Bangladeshi ehm…you are both blessed and cursed.

Here’s to dissecting curses.